What a luck! Our work is really very nice.
We love the seriousness in the design and production of events and we ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied. We go the extra! And … with professionalism, experience and passion we put ourselves at your service, whether you’re famous or not, working as if each of our and your event was the only one.
We love the harmony that reigns among us, in the various departments, even after many hours of work … and the joy that animates us joking together, as evidenced by the following photos … stolen moments of rest (between an event and a other). These are the true profiles, spontaneous and unedited, of all of us!

Event Planner


thb-1 Tobia Papetti
Tobia Papetti
thb-3 michele parlanti
Michele Parlanti
thb-4 Melania Sala
Melania Sala
thb-5 Emanuele Tombini
Emanuele Tombini
thb-6 Elisa Puccioni
Elisa Puccioni
Tommaso Ficari_mini
Tommaso Ficari
Antonio Botticelli_seria-1-mini
Antonio Botticelli




 Back Office



thb-1 Edoardo Caldesi
Edoardo Caldesi
thb-BO-2 daniele-bucciarelli
Daniele Bucciarelli
thb-3 Domenico Cataldi
Domenico Cataldi
thb-4 Daniela Lippi
Daniela Lippi
thb-5 Elisa Covello
Elisa Covello
thb-6 marta rado
Marta Rado
thb-9 martina arnetoli
Martina Arnetoli

Chef and Pastry Chef


kitchen Bartolo Favaloro 22
Bartolo Favaloro
kitchen Sileno Magalotti 09
Sileno Magalotti
kitchen Stefano Sgrulloni 10
Stefano Sgrulloni
kitchen Pasquale Laterza 11
Pasquale Laterza
kitchen Matteo Ganozzi 12
Matteo Ganozzi
kitchen Jonathan Fantini 13
Jonathan Fantini
kitchen Davide Romagna 14
Davide Romagna
kitchen Assan Ndiaye 15
Assan Ndiaye
kitchen Italo Colle 16
Italo Colle
kitchen Massimo Davitti 17
Massimo Davitti
kitchen Giancarlo Oriolo 18
Giancarlo Oriolo
kitchen Niccolò Bruni 19
Niccolò Bruni
kitchen Boris Hasanbelli 20
Boris Hasanbelli
kitchen Giuseppe Porcaro 21
Giuseppe Porcaro
kitchen Daniele Bini 24
Daniele Bini
kitchen bo 23
Mirco Cesari

Maitre and Vice Maitre


thb-maitre 1 Umberto Innocenti
Umberto Innocenti
thb-maitre 2 Mauro Bologni
Mauro Bologni
thb-maitre 3 Stefano Faggioli
Stefano Faggioli
thb-maitre 4 Bianca Bizzeti
Bianca Bizzeti
thb-maitre 5 Fedele Gatto
Fedele Gatto
thb-maitre 6 Renalt XHIHANI
Renalt Xhihani
thb-maitre 7 Gaetano Russo
Gaetano Russo
thb-maitre 9 Pino Gatto
Pino Gatto
thb-maitre 10 Claudio Russo
Claudio Russo
thb-maitre 11 Giuseppe Simonetti
Giuseppe Simonetti
thb-vice 1 Filippo Penni
Filippo Penni
thb-vice 2 Eduard Lilaj
Eduard Lilaj
thb-vice 3 Jacopo Vettori
Jacopo Vettori
thb-vice 3b Valeriano Pompili
Valeriano Pompili
thb-vice 4 Vincenzo De Matteis
Vincenzo De Matteis
thb-vice 5 Leonardo Villani
Leonardo Villani
thb-vice 6 Benito Cataldi
Benito Cataldi
thb-vice 7 Maurizio Martinelli
Maurizio Martinelli
thb-vice 8 Flavio Cesarini
Flavio Cesarini
thb-vice 9 Mario Foglia
Mario Foglia
thb-vice 10 Luciano Russo
Luciano Russo
thb-vice 11 Lilo REDIJON
Lilo Redijon
thb-vice 12 Giovanni Totaro
Giovanni Totaro



thb-LOG alessandro tancredi 1
Alessandro Tancredi


Enrique Saavedra Tocto

thb-LOG ahmed zaaitar 3
Ahmed Zaaitar

thb-LOG christian palumbo 4
Christian Palumbo

LOG boota ram 12
Boota Ram
LOG pal sat 12b
Pal Sat
LOG harbans lal 13
Harbans Lal
LOG mauro pasquini 14
Mauro Pasquini
LOG kumar rattu balbir 15
Kumar Rattu Balbir
Jorge Manuel Rivera Fuentes
LOG kumar vijay 16b
Kumar Vijay
LOG hardeep kumar 17
Hardeep Kumar
LOG mohinder kumar 18
Mohinder Kumar
Sarathchandra Senadhipathirage Don
LOG sucha ram 20
Sucha Ram
LOG adenil fortes ramos 18 b
Adenil Fortes Ramos
Diop Ndiaya
web-birima 008
Birima Mboup