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Galateo Ricevimenti has been offering high end catering and banqueting services since 1995.  Following the successful delivery of numerous events outside Tuscany, where the original headquarters are in Florence, and upon the request of several loyal clients, they opened in Milan in 2006.

With a team of over 100 qualified professionals in the field, Galateo Ricevimenti continually renews its services and products to reflect the passion and experience of its employees and collaborators, the new trends in the culinary world and the vision of their clients; constantly bringing original concepts to the table. 

As the designated caterer for the National Celiac Association in Italy, Galateo Ricevimenti is well practiced in creating specific menus to suit particular needs.  Food preparation starts in Galateo’s own kitchen labs but the final stages of cooking happen in situ at each event, guaranteeing fresh menus of the highest quality. 

Investments in new production material and equipment are regular, to offer clients a vast range of set up styles when creating their personalized event.  Each event, whether it be a Wedding in Tuscany, a Collection Launch in Milan or a Corporate Gala in Rome, is designed from scratch to follow the required theme, concept or message either as part of the client brief or created together with the insight of Galateo Ricevimenti.

Production at Galateo Ricevimenti makes it possible to offer unique catering experiences in any setting; private houses, rented castles, business premises, historical palaces, museums, yachts, public spaces, sport stadiums… and the capable logistical procedures enable this to happen overseas as well as all over Italy.  The first transatlantic experience was on February 27th 2005 when Galateo Ricevimenti catered for The Elton John Foundation on the night of the Oscars for over a thousand VIP guests and Hollywood stars.

In 2012 Galateo Ricevimenti was awarded the title of ‘Best Italian Caterer’ by the King of Catering, winning the platinum award and since then has continued to receive numerous accolades for the ever increasing exclusivity of their events. 
The best is yet to come...

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