Taste of Tuscany

The reputation of Italy as a country of cuisine and wine precedes itself. Each region of this beautiful peninsular proudly boasts traditional and local speciality ingredients, dishes and cooking methods which vary greatly and reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the whole nation.

The region of Tuscany, stretching from a beautiful coastline across mountains, lakes and forests is well known for its seafood, ripe tomatoes, fresh pasta, mushrooms, truffles, wild boar, exquisite steak, fresh vegetables and the most delicious olive oil.

The countryside is dotted with the unmistakable geometric patterns of vineyards, painstakingly managed to produce some of the world’s finest wines. Galateo Ricevimenti is dedicated to celebrating the produce of the land beneath its feet and giving it the justice and respect it deserves.

We are proud to showcase some of the finest Tuscan dishes, encouraging our chefs to create local and traditional menus, allowing our clients to taste the best that Tuscany has to offer the world.

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